1 de julho de 2007

Geroge Benson - Medley (DJ Wilson Mix)

Track List

01 - Lady Love Me (One More Time)
02 - Shiver
03 - 20/20
04 - Feel Like Making Love
05 - Give Me The Night
06 - Love X Love
07 - Never Give Up On A Good Thing
08 - Inside Love (So Personal)

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5 comentários:

Kenneth disse...

I have one album by George Benson "In your eyes" I got years ago where I noticed some of these songs come from. Another fine mix. I don't understand portuguese so I can't read your presentation unfortunately but I suspect you've been working as a dj/mixer for a long time. I love mixes so it'll be interesting so hear what comes next.

Dj Wilson Mix disse...

Kenneth:Yes, I've been working for a long time.Music is my life and I'm very happy now just because I'm sharing this here.Your comments are welcome!!

Anônimo disse...

very very good , thanx & friendly

Disco D disse...

link doesn't work.
just cycles back around :(

please use zippyshare or mediafire.
they work!

Anônimo disse...